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KPL Translations emerged as a support branch in the KPL Legal and KPL Markets project, in order to meet the needs of our clients in Portugal. With time, our quality proved to be requested by clients worldwide.
Inga Kilikeviciene-Petkelyte
Rua Prof. Prado Coelho, n.º 32 - 3 D
1600-654 Lisbon
Telephone: +351 919273430
Email: kpl-translations@iol.pt
KPL Translations
KPL Translations is my business name for translating activities. I am a lawyer but always have been asked to provide translation services, in writing or orally.

The secret is simple: Legal and Financial Translations require in-depth understanding of the area of expertise and the knowledge of the specific terminology.  Therefore, a specialist in the field with high language standards normally represents the best quality for the client.

I work in association with a Romanian freelance translator resident in Portugal and thus, KPL Translations can provide you with a quality translation in English, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Russian and Romanian.

Sincerest thanks to my clients for the trust and continuous cooperation.

                                                                                       Inga Kilikeviciene

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.recent projects
Bidding/ Telecommunications
Contracts / Inheritance File
Bylaws & Contracts / Business & Tax
Audit Report / Nuclear Power
Steel Sheet Piling Technical Data & Glossary / Engineering
Extradition File / Criminal Law
EU Regulatory Acts / EU Law
Unfortunately, the direct contact not always results in getting paid for the job done. Therefore, I am leaving a reminder on-line:

EX-LIBRIS, Vilnius, Lithuania
Job delivered: 03.10.2009
Reminders: Yes
Status: Not Paid

POLYGLOT, Vilnius, Lithuania
Job delivered: 03.03.2010
Reminders: Yes
Status: Not Paid

EVERTA, Siauliai, Lithuania
Job delivered: 02.03.2010
Reminders: Yes
Status: Not Paid

I do hope to substitute the above with .honoured clients briefly.

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